Bruce (aplastic) wrote,

TCM Update

As mentioned on the Toast Forum at, it has been four full months since my last blood transfusion so I remain cautiously optimstic that whatever I am doing is working to some extent. So for the record, here is what I am doing:

Daily sauna and "treatment" as outlined oft before - see and .

I have backed off a bit on the number of supplemental vitamins etc. and am trying to get my nutrition the natural way.

I have added a daily dose of customized herbal treatment (10 different herbs especially blended to tonfigy the blood, liver etc.) and do daily accupressure on four points

1) Hand at the point where thumb and forefinger come together (there is like a bone spur there that you can feel)
2) Inside arm at a point 2 fingers below the elbow
3) Inside calf a palm's lenght below the bottom of the knee
4) Foot where big toe and first tow join on the top

I put a finger tip pressure on each area on both sides of the body for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes each.

Most days I have tremendous energy and am getting back to where I was several years ago.

CAUTION - If you are taking any prespecription drugs, consult with your doctor before experimenting with herbs as there is a danger of contra indicators. My Hematologist is aware of what I am doing and agrees that whatever I am doing appears to be working. Unfortunately not all doctors are as open minded so please check with your doctor before trying any of this stuff or at least be off conventional meds that may negatively interact with this strategy.

Humbly yours,

The Original and still trying AA/MDS Guinea Pig
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