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Monday, July 28th, 2008

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What is working for me
The program I refer to in my previous post is pretty much the same protocol I have been on since 2002 and is documented here:


I occasionally tried other protocols to see if I can get my counts up but invariably come back to this strategy as the one that works for me.

It is the exact same one I documented in my book and send to anyone who asks. I take most of the supplements listed at http://aplasticcentral.com/Charts_and_Stuff/supplements.xls
and try to eat a much more healthy diet than I did prior to my diagnosis. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and limit the fast food consumption although I still have the occaisional McD french fry attack.

My daily treatment includes sauna, enema and the detox stuff (multi, vit c, niacin, recancostat glutathione and alpha lipoic). I take the rest of the supplements at least once or twice a week.

I have not had a transfusion in a little over four months but have my threshold set at 8.0 hemoglobin which is much lower than most people can tolerate.

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