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Sunday, June 27th, 2010

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An Update Worth Reading
I am absolutely convinced that my AA was and is related to toxins and environmental exposures. I still cannot tolerate ant spray or weed spray or any of those things. Now that my immune system is functioning properly it sends me alarms whenever I am in proximity of such things. I used to and most people ignore these signals (headache, stuffy nose, etc.) and mask them with drugs. I receive nothing for the endorsements on this page. Just trying to help out.

1) We could not have afforded to buy the sauna on our own so my in-laws did a fund raiser and we used the proceeds for sauna. http://www.heavenlyheatsaunas.com/

2) After the book was written:

a. Had a one on one dialogue with Dr. Sherry Rogers – Not sure if she takes calls anymore but here is a number you can try 315-488-2856

b. Sue has all of her books and has studied them until they have all fallen apart

c. http://prestigepublishing.com/cgi-bin/start.cgi/apps/cartcompanion/category.html

d. She had me do a cardio ion panel (forget that it is heart related, as it is the chemical study you are looking for) that clearly showed my personal deficiencies and she then recommended what I needed as supplements. I no longer take them all but think they were very helpful in getting me stable.

e. Link for the cardio panel http://www.metametrix.com/content/DirectoryOfServices/0290CardioIONProfile-BloodUrine

3) If she is not available, try finding an environmental doctor here http://www.aaem.com/

4) Sue mentioned to you that we have discovered pineapple is good for platelets – that came from one of the people who frequent www.aplasticcentral.com forum

5) I also avoid orange juice and drink lots of grape and pomegranate juice instead (There is a blend of those that I drink daily now)

6) I drank lots of green tea early on but less of it these days – need to get back on that

7) I continue my daily or every other day regimen of sauna, enema and supplements that I am convinced has kept me alive for this long.

8) I try to exercise and get at least 30 minutes of fresh air every day. I can tell when I slack off on these two and try to get back on track.

9) Still drink and use only fresh spring water and Sue fixed lots of healthy, balanced meals with lots of fruit, fresh vegetables, greens, etc.

10) Still available to talk with anyone 336.499.9826

Bruce Lande


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